| Saying ‘Goodbye’ to your Job |

Thank you for your patience

At the beginning of 2017, I’d started my first ‘grown up’ job as a receptionist at a GP surgery… Fast forward to now? I’ve finally left the practice and I’m on my way to grow my career in design!

It’s been about a week since my last day working at the GP surgery, and I have found that with all the extra time at my disposal, I have been even more inspired and determined to make freelancing as a means of sustainable living! Despite giving myself the weekend to relax and celebrate my new freedom, I have found that the adjustment from the corporate lifestyle of abiding by their rules and regulations, to freedom in freelancing to be absolutely invigorating!  In other words, I’m eagerly waiting for what comes of me in the next chapter in my life.

With that being said, if it wasn’t for landing a job at a GP surgery, I wouldn’t have developed a sense of empathy, gratitude, and (surprisingly so…) just a little bit more patience.

Working at a doctor’s surgery was far from the job I’d intended to have had post-graduation, but I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work in the medical field. This past year I’ve grown a tremendous amount, and working in an unfamiliar environment to me has helped to develop skills in time management, working under pressure and reacting objectively when hell raises. More importantly, I’ve developed a sense of awareness and understanding to why people behave and react the way that they do.

Funnily enough, my manager had admitted that one of the reasons why they’d hesitated employing me was due to my young age, bluntly putting it, my immaturity! In reflection to her statement, I quite rightly agree with her. When I’d first started out, I would have been quite reactive and assume that whatever opposing opinion I’d received were instantly wrong… I had a heated passion for the need to be right and I’d refused to listen to otherwise! This past year, I’ve learned to stop and listen.

Now, working in customer service has its ups and downs! Sometimes, you have great people walking in who end up making your day – maybe they just understand your humour, or maybe they’re just nice. However, sometimes you get people who are harder to handle; the people who shout at you and call you rude names because they want to take their anger out at someone. At first, I began to fight a losing battle. I’d snap back if I knew that I was in the right. However, I’d learned from my mistakes. If I’d just stopped and detached myself from the situation and tried to look at it from they opposing perspective, most of the time (definitely not all) their anger, frustration and annoyance were justified. For the majority of the time, people usually voice their frustration because their needs aren’t met, and in relation to my role at the clinic, it was my job to help said people.

I’ve become far less reactive, likewise began to realise the reasons behind people’s actions… while I have a long way to go, I’m happy to have shattered my own self-righteous and judgemental behaviour. At the end of the day, when you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

I could have learned more while working at the GP surgery.
I felt my patience slowly growing the longer I’d worked there. However, I knew it was time to leave. In a way, I’d plateaued. So? I’m glad that it’s time to move on! It’s time that I take things into my own hands, and it’s time that I polished my creative cogs! As previously mentioned, I’ve been working hard in the background to ready myself for travelling and freelance. Things are still a work in progress, but I intend on working my way up!

At the end of this month, I’ll be migrating to South East Asia, with my first stop being Singapore. My schedule is going to be packed, and my body clock is going to be whack! However, like I said before, it’s time that I moved onto the next stage in my life. It’s time for me to explore, be more, and do more!

I’m saying goodbye to my 2017 insecurities and unhelpful thoughts, and I’m welcoming a healthy and positive-driven mindset. I’m growing back my confidence and optimism, and I’m going to do great stuff this year!

Just watch me!

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