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Penang is famously known for its captivating street art in George Town, the lively seaside culture by Batu Ferringhi, and a variety of delicious food offered in food stalls. Aside from hiking and exploring the local temples, I wanted to see what Penang museums had to offer. Despite the pricey entry fee, I went for the Trick Art Museum in George Town.

For those who aren’t familiar with ‘trick art’ photography, it’s basically interactive realistic art painted on walls and floors to give the illusion of a 3D scene when captured on the camera. It wasn’t my first experience with a museum of this type, however I was interested to see what was different about it in comparison to the other 3D illusion museums out there. It was fair to say that my experience with the Trick Art Museum in George Town had left me feeling dissatisfied.

Top: protruding palm tree props to give the impression of a lifelike set
Bottom: behind the scenes

For anyone who’s considering going there, feel free to read my opinion of it and re-evaluate your trip accordingly:

It’s overpriced
At 25RM you don’t exactly get a bang for your buck!  I know, I know you’re probably thinking that my stingy-self is getting the better of me. When you convert it to GBP it comes to about £4.50, which honestly doesn’t quite so bad! However, when you compare it to the price of living in Malaysia, the entry fee is extortionate! With 25RM, I can buy 4 meals at a food market! This brings me to my next point:

It doesn’t add much value to your trip
With regards to the content and quality of the museum, I found it to be quite dull and a bit too basic for my liking. In other words, aside from photo taking, there’s not much more that you can take from the museum. The first few trick art displays gave minimal understanding of Malaysia’s history, and as you progress through the museum, each set brings you closer to modern-day era. However, the sets eventually disassociate itself from this historical theme, and became miscellaneous space fillers. I mean, take a look a Pikachu and I! What’re you doing there in Malaysia, mate?!

Albeit, learning about (basic) Malaysian culture throughout its history peaked my interest. However, your trip to Malaysia will be far more fulfilling by actually visiting the attractions rather than wasting your time in a museum featuring 3D illusion versions of it.

Suffocating staff
I get it, it’s their job to be attentive and give good customer service. However, there just seemed to be far too many staff for such an insignificant museum. I’d ended up feeling very uncomfortable and unwilling to explore each set because of their hawk eye surveillance! Visualise this with me, for every 2-3 metre room there were roughly two workers informing you of the possible poses you can do in relation to fitting in with the interactive pieces… that’s an employee every 1.5 metres away gawking at you making silly poses – my personal space felt invaded! The employees were helpful in relation to helping you take photos, however, their persistence gave the impression that there would be a fee for every photo taken by them. Luckily, I had my ‘photographer’ for the day to photograph my every move…


Don’t get me wrong, I’d enjoyed it. It was a good chuckle. The only issue was that I felt as if the entire museum package didn’t bring much value or depth to my day trip. I would have much rather spent my two hours getting lost in the streets of George Town exploring the street art!

At the end of the day, it wasn’t my type of excursion. If any of you intend on visiting the Trick Art Museum, I’d recommend going in a group to get more variety out of your photos, and you never know, the workers might even leave you to your own devices if there were more than just the two of you! On a more important note, get yourself a better photographer:

Photo examples
Photographer’s interpretation

For a photographer with ‘the eye’, he’d completely missed the mark!

Go on, have a chuckle

First and foremost…
‘I took a great photo of you and baby monkey!’
Ridin’ Dirty
Ridin’ Dirty (back in the day)
100% Ready
I can show you the world
Out of the pot and into the fire
We don’t need to go to Chengdu to go to a panda base
Ahoy there sailor!

What are your thoughts of the George Town Trick Art Museum? Leave a message below, I’d like to know!


WORD SPLURGE: No Internet (again)

…I’m sorry?

Note: word splurge – instant posts drafted & scrambled together with incoherent words

I thought I was doing so well… I thought I was on top of scheduling my posts and keeping an online presence when I didn’t have sustainable internet. Oh boy, was I wrong! These past three weeks have been an absolute blur, and the shoddy internet has meant that I have been unable to keep track of it all!

My intended scheduled posts have failed to upload during my absence due to carelessness on my behalf (sorry!). I’d assumed that my pre-written posts had been scheduled for the coming weeks post-Penang, and due to my lack of attention, I’d neglected to follow through with the final check.

For that, all I can do is apologise. 

So here’s an update and apology for my readers out here:
I’m sorry!
I’ve been travelling non-stop from the past few weeks: first to Hong Kong and Macao, and then to various places in Thailand! I’ve stayed in 8 different types of accommodation in the span of 23 days, and I am absolutely exhausted. It’s relaxing to know that I’m now settled into one place for a month! I have yet to set up wi-fi in my accommodation, but it’ll all come together in the coming few days – just bear with me, please!

Post-Penang in a nutshell:
Hong Kong (29/03/18 – 10/04/18)
I attended a traditional Chinese funeral, explored Hong Kong like a tourist, went to HK7s and watched almost no rugby, experienced Wan Chai Wednesday for the first time, went to an illegal food spot, experienced Qingming Festival, and spent time with my dad like never before!

Macao (10/04/18 – 11/04/18)
I stayed at my all-time favourite hotel, had a bath for the first time in over a month, gambled in a casino for the first time and made profit!

Thailand – Bangkok (11/04/18 – 16/04/18)
Experienced Songkran Festival in the heart of Silom road, been drenched with water countless of times, tried my first cheese-popcorn, went to S2O Festival, won an alcohol bucket from limbo-ing, lost my money/ID, found my money/ID, had my first beer tower on Khao San road, rode a tuk tuk for the first time, been mistaken for a Thai by the locals, and of course, gotten ill from being drenched with water.

Thailand – Hua Hin (16/04/18 – 19/04/18)
Saw hundreds of hermit crabs by the beach, saw quite a few dead crabs and fish along the beach, saw a dead rat on another strip of the beach, experienced intense rain and flooding, saw cockroaches scuttling around like crazy from the rain, had a cockroach crawl up my leg, continued to be ill, watched the sunrise from Hua Hin beach, watched a line of monks go about their morning rituals, watched a line of monkeys go about their morning rituals too, and finally, had my first Thai massage since arriving!

Thailand – Surat Thani (19/04/18 – 20/04/18)
Rode second class on the Thai railway, rode on a bus fearing that my backpack would roll out into the road, and ate suspicious fried chicken from a side stall.

Thailand – Phuket (20/04/18 – now)
Unpacked my belongings for the month, dyed my hair, got my budgeting and transactions back in order, and as of now, I have wi-fi in my one month accommodation!

It’s been non-stop adventure since leaving Penang until now, and I’m insistent on getting back on track with work. In the coming few days, I’ll be reviewing my previously missed scheduled posts, and uploading them accordingly. Hopefully, with this current wi-fi that I’m subscribed to, I’ll have faster speed internet meaning that I’ll be more flexible on here!

As for now, thank you for your patience, and stay tuned!

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